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Tue Dec 2 11:37:43 EST 2008

Hi Jeanean,
We have only recently upgraded to CS4, there are a number of improved features in the new suite but the programs are substantially the same with the exception of Flash. The Natcol books for CS3 will still give you a solid grounding in the software usability. The Actionscript 3 book will still be valid as the code hasn't been altered. The changes in Dreamweaver are minor but improves the functionality such as Live view which allows you to preview the webpage in Dreamweaver without going to a browser. DW also now allows for better compatibility with Photoshop.
Photoshop and Illustrator have been improved with a small number of important new capabilities such as 3D in Photoshop. But Flash has had some major changes to the way you animate symbols and their properties.
So to summarise I would avoid buying the Flash CS3 book and perhaps hold off on Photoshop as I am sure there will be a revised edition out soon but the rest should be fine.
Your students will love what they have done to Flash once they get used to the changes.
Good luck and I hope that this helps with the decision of what books to buy.

Yours Sincerely 
Peter Fowler
Swinburne Senior Secondary College

> Jeanean Pritchard <jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au> wrote:
> Our school is making the move to the Adobe Creative Suite CS4 next year.
> I've been thinking about purchasing some of the Natcoll books. If I
> bought the CS3 books for actionscript, dreamweaver etc, I'm unsure if
> they would be compatible with our version of software. Can anybody
> advise me regarding this?
> Thanks
> Jeanean Pritchard
> Arts/Media/Multimedia/Music
> Highview College
> Maryborough Victoria
> jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au 
> >>> claire <claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au> 2/12/2008 8:08 am >>>
> Good Morning,
> I'm sure members have noted many questions posted to this list
> regarding resources.
> A NZ publisher, Natcoll is investigating the feasibility of tailoring
> their material specifically for use in Australia.
> I personally think their books are great and would encourage any
> organisation that is considering preparing material for our courses to
> do so.
> Natcoll have asked whether multimedia teachers could spare a few
> minutes to complete a survey in order to gauge the demand for resources,
> and what type of resources teachers are seeking.
> So if you can get away from reports, exam marking, end of year
> activities, transistion classes etc etc, the survey is here:
> http://www.questionpro.com/akira/TakeSurvey?id=1084356 
> Claire Bloom
> Warrandyte High
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