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> Hi Suzi,
> I agree the training package is a bit daunting and the ntis site can be 
> confusing, also the units of competency are not detailed curriculum 
> statements such as you find in the VCE Study Designs.
> However, I think the new units  are generally expressed a bit more 
> clearerly and are a bit more helpful than the old ones. (anyone agree or 
> am I just getting used to them??)
> I guess the key thing to remember is that training packages are meant to 
> be flexible and adaptable to different training settings and students, 
> therefore the units can be quite vague!!
> The new unit 3-4 will have an exam (and scored assessment tasks) as 
> currently.
> Obviously as this doesn't happen until 2010, specific advice is a bit 
> further down the track.
> Cheers
> Claire
> Hope you aren't too busy tomorrow ;-)
> ARNOTT Suz wrote:
>>hehehe you beat me to it Claire...
>>I was just looking for the NTIS site when I checked back in my mail :)
>>The training package can be daunting when you first get it, it can be 
>>difficult to decipher what it all means at times. I have downloaded the 
>>whole thing from the NTIS site, which makes it easier to do copy and 
>>pastes of just the stuff that is relevant to our units, as there are many 
>>we don't need in there as well.
>>Geraldine, when you look through the package you get the overview of each 
>>course, and then in a different section (which is when the hyperlinked 
>>site makes life easier) you get the assessment details - the performance 
>>criteria is what needs to be covered to show competence in that unit.
>>I generally break those up into what tasks need to be completed to enable 
>>the students to develop the skills and then the competence.
>>With all of the new ones.... I am looking forward to creating something 
>>interesting :)
>>We cover the work placement by trying to set the course up as a workplace. 
>>This new package opens up other fields where it may be more easy to find 
>>Claire.. I have only been skimming... rushing around charging batteries 
>>and getting stuff ready for tomorrow..., and not looked too deeply into it 
>>yet, but has anything been said about an exam? or will it be like most of 
>>the other VCE VET studies - no exam, and an enter score generated from 
>>their other subjects?
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