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claire claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au
Tue Aug 5 22:22:28 EST 2008

Hi Jamie,
I guess each school will cater to students with different needs. At 
mine, we have always offered Cert 2 as an enhancement subject for Year 
10 students.
Most of my students are more interested in the chance to do VCE units in 
year 10 than achieving a certificate. My Cert 3 kids are very keen to 
maximise their study score, by getting a headstart in Year 11.
The Cert 3 is an added extra but not the reason most of mine choose the 

As far as the stage and props related units go, the industry coverage is 
explained in the intro below:

CUF07 sees a number of revisions to the Training Package, including a 
change in the title.
The new title 'Screen and Media' reflects industry convergence arising 
from new production
techniques in the digital age. The industry coverage remains the same as 
for CUF01; namely
creative, management, administration and technical production roles in 
the screen and media
industries, which encompass:
• film production (primary release through cinemas)
• television production
• radio broadcasting
• interactive digital media (e.g. electronic games, websites, 
educational resources).
CUF07 also sees the introduction of skill sets which provide pathways 
into the Diploma of Screen and Media and Diploma of Specialist Make-up 
as well as into qualifications in the BSB07 Business Services Training 

Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

Fawcett - Le Rossignol, Jamie E wrote:

>I for one really like the idea of students having a Cert 2 after a year.
>Mainly because committing to a 2 year course can be a big step for year
>10s, unless Multimedia is offered in year 10.  I feel it will turn way
>the undecided students to other courses.
>Also trying to make year 11 a cert 2 and year 12 a cert 3 by having
>program 1 mirror program 2 severely limits the options for students.
>And what is it with all the stage, scenic art, and props competencies,
>when there's a theatre courses?
>Jamie Le Rossignol
>Lilydale High School

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