[vet-mm] VCE VET IDM - see attached!!

Ana Tuckerman atuckerman at elthamcollege.vic.edu.au
Mon Aug 4 17:25:15 EST 2008

I can see, i know, i can prepare.

First, we have to start calling it "VCE VET Interactive Digital Media" NOT Cert 3 in media.
Next, why bother with cert 2?
Third, if copywrite is an elective, do we have to teach it for the year 12 exam?
Fourth, for those who want it, there is 3D (i have to say I'm not going to do it though, its not in the year 12 course).
Fifth, we now have Video in year 12, AHHHHHHHHH
Sixth, I'm assuming that they want us to teach Web, in Author interactive sequences.

>From my perspective, I am just going to use Unit 1 & 2 to teach all the software and concepts that they need in Unit 3 & 4 and just adapt the units to fit. 

For example i might use "Produce drawings to represent and communicate the concept" to do a comic with storyboard, using flash with buttons and a little animation (to prepare for 2d animation) 

"Maintain interactive content" would be an introduction to "Author interactive sequences" 

And the Compulsory units, you could do anything. Just work in the requirements with any kind of practical task. 

I'm OK with it all. It looks VERY flexible.

:) Ana


Ana Tuckerman
Multimedia and Media Department
ELTHAM College of Education

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The revised VCE VET Interactive Digital Media (IDM)  program has now successfully progressed though all the required internal committees and processes at the VCAA.
Attached is a PDF extract from the soon to be published VCE VET IDM program booklet. This extract has "gone live" on the VCAA website today. VCAA have made available an extract for both the revised Business and Multimedia programs because they were fielding a large number of calls and
emails about the programs for next year.

The complete hard copy of the program booklet will be distributed to schools early in Term IV.

Let the discussions begin!!

Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

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