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Thanks Roland, sounds like it's worth exploring.
But a word of advice for those new to VET MM - you need to be aware of the software titles allowed in the Year 12 digital exam and make sure the students are very comfortable with them - preferably before they get to Unit 3-4/Cert 3. Whilst the skills and concepts are the same across a wide range of software, the kids need to be familiar with the interface and tools in the allowable exam software (basically Macromedia-Adobe titles for web, animation and graphics) 

Can't you feel that holiday coming on?
Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

> Roland Gesthuizen <rgesthuizen at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is exciting bit of multimedia news with some fascinating 
> developments
> posted by Adam onto the OS mailing list. The screen grabs look cool and 
> like
> all the bits from Ubuntu, free for students to download share and use at
> home. Stay tuned for the April release
>      Ubuntu studio http://ubuntustudio.org
> Over the summer break, I had a good play with the Ubuntu Linux 
> distribution.
> It was very easy enough to use, install and update onto our old home
> computer .. by my primary aged children ;-)
> Regards Roland
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> Subject: [Opensource] Multimedia Distro
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>  Not sure about how many of you are using open source distributions for
> audio and multimedia.
> I have friends who have had a lot of success playing with Dyne:bolic
> http://www.dynebolic.org/ and then I was just notified about this 
> upcoming
> release of aimed at the multimedia market. Looks like exciting times.
> Adam Barbary
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