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Roland Gesthuizen rgesthuizen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 14:13:30 EST 2007

This is exciting bit of multimedia news with some fascinating developments
posted by Adam onto the OS mailing list. The screen grabs look cool and like
all the bits from Ubuntu, free for students to download share and use at
home. Stay tuned for the April release
     Ubuntu studio http://ubuntustudio.org

Over the summer break, I had a good play with the Ubuntu Linux distribution.
It was very easy enough to use, install and update onto our old home
computer .. by my primary aged children ;-)

Regards Roland

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 Not sure about how many of you are using open source distributions for
audio and multimedia.

I have friends who have had a lot of success playing with Dyne:bolic
http://www.dynebolic.org/ and then I was just notified about this upcoming
release of aimed at the multimedia market. Looks like exciting times.

Adam Barbary

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