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Greg Neil (Mr) greg at stmargarets.vic.edu.au
Fri Jul 6 11:49:46 EST 2007

I use Vegas for my home editing, however it isn't cheap. It does have a very good little brother called Vegas Movie Studio that is much more reasonable. Adobe have Premiere Elements, and Ulead have VideoStudio. Both are aimed at beginner level/home users.
Unfortunately, while there are free audio editor such as audacity that are quite strong, I have yet to find a free/open source video editor windows that offers true non-linear editing capabilities. For simple assemble editing you can get away with avidemux or virtualdub.


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Hi everyone. It is Jeanean from Highview College (on maternity leave) just asking you all a favor.  Can you all please give me your recommendation for a good video editing program or programs for -
(a) myself for creating movies for school and home, and
(b) my students (VCE)

Looks like we are finally going to be able to have machines good enough, and I myself have just bought myself a fab new system that will finally do the job!

Thanks heaps and I hope you are all enjoying a well earned rest!
Jeanean Pritchard
Highview College
Maryborough Vic
jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au

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