[vet-mm] useful website?

claire claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au
Mon Feb 5 09:45:55 EST 2007

Welcome back!
Here's a tip I recieved on another email list.
It might be useful?
Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

Title: Kids' Vid: Video Production for Students


Description: Kids' Vid is an instructional web site that gives 
teachers and students the tools necessary to implement video 
production in the classroom. Video production, if properly 
implemented, is more than a new toy for students. It provides the 
tools and the means for students to create and display serious work 
in a new, exciting and engaging way that is appropriate for all age 
groups and abilities. This is a place for serious fun. There is a 
section called Theater where students can post their work. See this 
page for lessons and practical suggestions on how to inegrate video 
production into the curriculum: 


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