[vet-mm] VCE IT students (yr11) wishing to transfer to VET Multimedia

Adrienne Plotnek plotnek at optusnet.com.au
Sat Dec 1 15:28:05 EST 2007

Hi everyone,


I am new to this list, so I don't know if this question has been asked
before.  (apologies if it has...just point me in the right direction!)


Question 1:
I have one student who has just completed VCE IT Units 1 & 2 and would like
to do the VET Multimedia Cert 3 over distance education (as our school does
not offer it yet).

Can anyone tell me if this is possible, or would he have to do VET
Multimedia Certificate II first....or maybe even sit a competency test in
Cert II to obtain credits towards Cert III ?


Question 2:
If I were to teach VET multimedia from 2009+ when the revised course comes
in, what software do I need to be competent in to pass the instructor
competency test that is being introduced ?  (I know I need a Cert IV to



Thanks you


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