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Hi everyone - I apologize for the cross-posts.

VITTA [1]3in6-2006 September News

 1. To date we have 33 schools who have registered their interest in entering VITTA's 3in6-2006 Video Competition.
    I have listed each of these on the [2]Teams Page of the 3in6 website.
 2. At the bottom of this page I have also placed the names of over 60 students from 4 of the schools - this gives the kids a real buzz, seeing their names officially up on the Web - so if you would like me to add the names of YOUR students, just send me an email with the names, and I will do the rest for you.
 3. By now all teachers who have registered interest should have received from me details for the special [3]Moodle Forum that has been set up for you from the 3in6 website. If you have missed out, please email me ([4]k.richardson at yavneh.vic.edu.au) and I will get you included.
 4. The actual competition day is the last Thursday in October, and it will run from 9.00am until 3.00pm. I will send you two secrets that your students must include in their video or animation creations. You then judge (using supplied criteria)  the best in each division in your school and send me the winning entries burnt to CD plus student&teacher-signed official [5]Registration Forms.
 5. The kids have an absolutely fabulous day, you get amazed by what they are able to achieve, and you get something that usually takes weeks to do, over and done with in one day. And it is free! Great value.

Thanks for reading so far - sorry to hit you with this if you are not interested - but is a great opportunity, and the kids do love doing it.



1. http://3in6.openlab.net.au/
2. http://3in6.openlab.net.au/team.htm
3. http://3in6.openlab.net.au/moodle/
4. http://k.richardson@yavneh.vic.edu.au/
5. http://3in6.openlab.net.au/resources/2006/T01-3in6-2006-registration-form.doc
Keith Richardson

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