[vet-mm] Photoshop easter eggs

ARNOTT Suzanne SA at emc.vic.edu.au
Thu Oct 5 12:25:23 EST 2006

Ok.... enough seriousness for a minute or two....
I just got this site from one of my students...
And it is very funny... and interesting...


"Photoshop & ImageReady Easter Eggs 

What is an Easter Egg, you ask? In an effort to stay sane while staring
at thousands of lines of code all day, programmers and software
engineers amuse themselves (and in the end you, the user) by embedding
hidden, amusing features called Easter Eggs. In fact, The Easter Egg
Archive has literally thousands of Easter Eggs, including many of the
ones mentioned here for Photoshop and ImageReady."

Enjoy :)
Happy Easter Egg Hunting :)

Suzanne Arnott
Assistant Manager of ICT
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Elisabeth Murdoch College

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