[vet-mm] an IT -non mm- teachers view

Beveridge, Kent T beveridge.kent.t at edumail.vic.gov.au
Thu Nov 16 15:27:53 EST 2006

I havent taught VET mm but only the CertII in IT. My experience is primarily=
 in IPM and IS(short exposure) as well as currently upskilling myself for th=
e VET related subject that you guys all are contributing to. As one who has=
 'monitored' this list for valuable professional insight, may I just say tha=
t you guys and gals have done a great job to get your pupils to where they h=
ave, so rather than beat others up about who's better or who has what, just=
 give yourselves a pat on the back and know that you have done your best(ass=
uming you have...) for your pupils.
I hope to join the teachers of this subject soon as a step up from my curren=
t subjects and I may need to ask some key questions or look for PD in relate=
d topics.
The 'haves' vs 'have-nots' will always be around... lets just ensure that we=
 share resources as much as possible so that everyone gets a fair go!
Good luck for next year folks..
Kent Beveridge.


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Subject: Examiners Report

To all those multimedia teachers who are feeling slightly intimidated by som=
e of the comments made on this list. 
While everyone has a right to express theirs opinion, please be aware that s=
ome people who add to the list work for  private training institutions and T=

There are a few differences to their position to those working in a senior s=
chool setting. 
1) Chances are the teachers ONLY teach MM. 
2) They may also have a significantly larger block of time allocated to the=
3) All they teach is MM (no sport, no yard duty, no reports and no extra's.)=
 therefore have longer to spend on professional development.

4) Their students are often quite a bit older and more mature, therefore cla=
ssroom management and discipline is not a problem

Now i agree that we have to keep up to date and that the MM industry is beco=
ming more interactive and community based, BUT I know that you all do your a=
bsolute BEST with the time and resources allocated to you within a senior sc=

Scripting is great, but lets leave in the assessments tasks, when they have=
 books and websites to help them. It does take years to get your head around=
 it , so let them do the in-depth stuff at university.

All we have to do now is to wait for the examiners report. That will indicat=
e how the students across the state did in "those" questions.

Ana Tuckerman 
Multimedia and Media Department 
ELTHAM College of Education 

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