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Rob Swain RSwain at gordontafe.edu.au
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It appears that way doesn't it.
I'm not a guru on the review process but as I understand it National
TP's have a lifespan and then they are reviewed in consultation with
industry and education stakeholders, plus anyone else who wants to voice
an opinion. They actually live on past their expiry date (as is the case
now) because the review process takes some time and we don't toss the
old till the new is ready to roll.
This review looks more like a tune-up than a complete rejig to me. I'd
get onto the mailing list if you want to know more.


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So Rob,
excuse my ignorance, are you saying that when we started teaching this
in schools in 2004, it had expired before the end of first semester?
Can you explain the process?
Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

> According to
> http://www.ibsa.org.au/content/cultural/tpcuf01_overview.html the
> current version of CUF01 expired on 30 May 04 and is under review at
> mo.
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