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Thu Nov 16 13:14:15 EST 2006

I have just caught up with this discussion and it is very interesting. I
also believe like many others that in the limited time we have to teach
programming we cannot expect all of our students to get to the level of
understanding that was expected in this year's exam. But as some people
have pointed out these questions will help sort out the students

Rachelle's comments yesterday and today bring up a much bigger problem
that we face as Multimedia teachers. Today's students, in many cases do
not do any formal IT subjects until they start their Certificate II in
Multimedia. With the current educational thinking at the moment that IT
is to be integrated across the curriculum and  not taught as a separate
subject we get students with little exposure to the fundamentals of IT.
In year 11 we need to get students competent with fundamentals such as
file management and software techniques. This leaves little time to
start scripting. In year 12 over a limited number of weeks students are
expected to become proficient in a programming language.

I know I am bringing up a point that has been discussed many times on
both IT lists and Multimedia lists. But, there would be outrage if
students could wait until year 11 to start Maths or a language. 


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