[vet-mm] re: 2006 exam

Daylan daylan at impactcreativity.com.au
Wed Nov 15 16:28:19 EST 2006

Hi all,
          I've been training Cert 2, 3 and diploma level multimedia for 
the past 3 years and working in the industry (clients etc) for 4 years. 
This is my final year of training students however as i will be 
venturing of into that big, murderous multimedia world to work for MYOB 
but i thought i might add my 2 cents too.
  I felt that there wasn't enough emphasis on programming in the exam or 
in the course in general. I personally tried to train my students in a 
way that would give them actual skills that are relevant for industry, 
as well of course, as meeting competencies. And while i agree design is 
important, i fell that its only about 20% of most jobs.
You just need to look at it.seek.com etc to see that 98% of jobs in the 
industry require more than awesome photoshop and design skills. In fact 
i'd say 80% don't even care if you are good at design, they want you to 
be a programmer.
Its extremely hard in the industry to find a job that is purely design 
and even if you do they are usually the lowest paying jobs.
Design is the fun stuff and it's a lot easier to keep students 
attention with fun things, but as far as vocational training goes, i 
feel programming is a much more important skill for students to walk 
away with. 

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