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ARNOTT Suzanne SA at emc.vic.edu.au
Wed Nov 15 15:49:43 EST 2006

I agree Claire...
I know two new teachers who did multimedia courses...have MM
qualifications  and yet are not confident at all with the scripting
areas of it....
I was really surprised, as I thought it would have been a much bigger
part of the course... given the emphasis in CERT III.
Given the visual nature of the products multimedia students create there
should be more emphasis on it...
I guess coming from an arts background I know I have to really think
about the programming and scripting side of stuff, where the visual
stuff comes more naturally... but we should be focussing on balance,
both in production and assessment.
Thanks for your input too Matt... great thoughts :)

Suzanne Arnott
Assistant Manager of ICT
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Elisabeth Murdoch College

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Interesting to hear the thoughts of someone in the industry, fairly
recently qualified in MM. 
When this topic has come up at VCAA briefings etc (and it has many
times) the answer we are given is that the modules/competencies included
in VCE VET MM reflect the requirements and needs of industry (and
therefore, so does the structure of exam and assessment). 
I guess it depends on who you talk to in the industry! 
It's good to hear other points of view.
Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

> Matt Ward <ezine at youthcentral.vic.gov.au> wrote:
> I never had the chance to study multimedia in high school, nor am I a
> teacher teaching multimedia, so this years exam does not affect me
> personally, but I wanted to share my thoughts on some good points
> raised. 
> I completed my adv diploma in interactive multimedia a couple of years

> ago
> at Victoria University. I commenced the course not having any prior
> knowledge of design or programming ability other than what I had
> myself over countless nights in front of the computer at home. What
> surprising was the level of expectation of already acquired design 
> skills
> elsewhere. The design part (all aspects of good design and visual
> aesthetics) was really not touched on throughout the entire course. 
> Well,
> aspects were covered, but no where near enough that I felt qualified &
> confident enough to apply for a job afterward under the title of a 
> designer.
> Incidentally, I am now doing Computer Science at RMIT, because while I

> felt
> that my while my design skills weren't bad, my programming was
> my
> strength.
> Design should never be under-estimated. It is an area that is
> to
> multimedia. Without design knowledge, you will always be stuck in the 
> rut of
> producing run of the mill - ordinary work, regardless of how polished 
> the
> back-end may be. I have seen it many times now, that the people who
> excellent multimedia artists and those who have a solid understanding
> design (coming from graphic/visual arts background) and can also adapt

> to
> the programmatic side as well.
> So to hear that only 1/5 of assessable material is design related is a

> bit
> disappointing. I not having any design theory on the exam is even more

> of a
> shame. It sends the message that design isn't important, which is
> My 2 cents worth anyway
> Matt Ward
> Interactive Designer
> Youthcentral, Department for Victorian Government
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