[vet-mm] A moral dilemma.

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Hi Mario,


Try 'Multimedia A guide to creative multimedia 'which states it supports 26
units of competency in:


CUF20601 Certificate II in Multimedia


CUF30601 Certificate III in Multimedia


CUF40801 Certificate IV in Multimedia



It's from Australian Training Products and as such is an endorsed product.




By recommending this to you I am not endorsing this product, rather that it
will help with your stated problem with the RTO.




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I have a dilemma looming!


I am just wondering is there a resource book out there that is actually cert
3 mm standard coz my rto is on my case as I have not provided the college
with a resource book...Would somebody recommend any resource , such as
Watsonia Publishing for Cert II and/or Cert III in Multimedia and where
would i get it from?


The dilemma is simple. I like training my students my way. The issue is that
all the resource books do it their way and so if the students are going to
follow a certain prescribed way, I feel as if they are suffering because of
the lack of in depth knowledge that the book is offering.....Is this making
any sense??? I am not saying that everything I'm doing is correct either,
but hey thats life.


The question still remains which book to purchase just so the student can
fall back on if I'm not there? Is there a resource good enough for this


Yours sincerely,


Mario Yannakakis



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