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Thanks Marian and Claire - this is very helpful!


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Hi Pam,
I used to do a website for a client - covering the write content and webpage competencies, but I don't do that anymore. I will have my old task somewhere at home!!
I would confine my students to creating a small site (3 pages) for some aspect of the school program, their client was the relevant person at the school for that area eg it might have been the Year 11 Deb or SRC or Year 7 Camp or Maths KLA or Canteen etc. kids had to determine the audience and function of the site eg. was it promotional and aimed at attracting primary students to our school or was it more informative and aimed at existing parents of the school, was it a website for staff, would it be housed on our www site or just the intranet etc. They had to include records of meetings with their client right thru the process. This was a lot more manageable than an outside client and also fairer than some kids making a website for Uncle George vs a kid making a site for a client they barely knew.
I was able to brief the clients so they didn't give the kids the exact content/copy required, meaning the kids had to write the text for the site.
Claire :-)

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