[vet-mm] Short, small video clips

claire claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au
Thu Mar 9 12:22:03 EST 2006

Hi Ed,
Sony Vegas Studio (was Video Factory) comes with a great collection of short clips, which are ideal for what you are wanting to do. However, I guess you would have to purchase the product. 
I do the same thing as you, and have looked for a collection of clips I could purchase but didn't have much success. Most commercially produced digital video footage is awfully expensive. I asked friends for holiday clips and editted a few down and put them on our resource drive for student use, but they aren't great because they were shot by amateurs.Have also put some student clips there for others to use, but quality is very dodgy.
If anyone else on the list can point us to a source of good quality, interesting, inexpensive short clips that would be great!
Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

> Ed <edbutler at daylesfordsc.vic.edu.au> wrote:
> I would like to do some movie editing with my junior MM kids but don't
> want to get into using a video camera just yet. Does anybody have a
> source of useful video clips?
> Ed
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