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Michael Abulencia michael.abulencia at rmit.edu.au
Thu Mar 2 22:26:00 EST 2006

Email sent to a mate in Japan.


Our core business model is based on broadcast
performance royalties (ASCAP and BMI here in the
states -   same as JAZRAC in Japan) Our free 
National Broadcast Terms Of  Use - is in exchange for
cue sheet compliance  - which 
generates performance royalties for us as a music
publisher -  Blog use does not, therefore we license
for Blog, podcasting and other commercial uses, 
per our Terms Of Use and Standard Rate Card.  Our
licensing model for podcasting and blog use is $25.00
USD per freeplay song title for 12 months 
use - certainly a reasonable and affordable costs by
any standards.

Using Freeplay Music in a direct to a Video or DVD
type product for commercial use is licensed based on
the number of Freeplay Song Titles used 
in the production and the number of units (DVD's,
Video's, CD's etc) either sold, manufactured or
distributed. (Using Freeplay for home, personal,
private, non commercial use does not require a 
paid license per our Terms Of Use)

Per project - Per Client
For 10 copies or less, sold or distributed. the rate
is $25.00 USD per freeplay song title used.

For 11- 100 copies the rate is $50.00 USD per song
title used

For 100 - 1000 copies the rate is $85.00 USD per song
title used.

For each 10,000 units the rate is $250.00 USD per song
title used.

Regarding  Student School Broadcast or student use of
Freeplay on the Internet/Intranet -   We offer
educational use discounts in these instances  -
typically Between $25.00 - $50.00 USD per Freeplay
song title. 12 months use.

Per our Terms Of Use, using Freeplay Music for
Educational, in class, on 
school grounds is free for students - provided there
is no commercial aspect 
to its use as defined by our Terms Of Use and FAQ's. .
(Film Festivals, Conferences, Competitions, Broadcast,
Video, DVD, CD distribution,Yearbooks, 
replication or sale,  and/or Web use of Freeplay music
requires a direct paid license with us per our
Standard Rate Card found on our website at 
www.freeplaymusic.com or by clicking on the direct
links below)

You'll find our Terms Of Use here----> 

You'll find our Standard Rate Card  here----> 

To obtain your Freeplay Music license simply e mail me
the name and address of the licensee,  along with the
name of the authorized signing party, the 
project name and the Freeplay song titles selected.
Your Freeplay music license will be e mailed to you
within 1 business day for your signature and 
payment.    Accepted method of payment is either
check, bank wire, bank check, or Paypal. ( we include
Paypal instructions with your license).   
All payments are expected in US Funds upon receipt and
signature. The licenses 
are renewable upon request.  Freeplay currently has
1100 song titles available on our website at
www.freeplaymusic.com for preview, download 
and licensing use.

Once licensed and payment is made we can provide you
with FREE FTP access to higher bandwidth file formats
for broadcast or production use. - either 
AIFF or .WAV (CD quality audio)  upon request.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott at freeplaymusic.com

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