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Re Freeplay, Michael, you are correct and incorrect.
It is free subject to certain conditions. The major restriction being
that you cant use them outside the classroom without paying, which I
think reinforces Daylan and Claire's point about 'usage outside the
classroom' being an inevitable hurdle even if not considered initially.

To quote the site :
"If you are using Freeplay Music for:
...4. Educational, Non-Commercial use (limited to student use on school
grounds and classroom - non broadcast)
Then Freeplay's musical compositions and recordings may be used
(broadcast, synchronized and/or copied) without fee. These reproduction
rights, known as master synchronization rights, are absolutely FREE and
are granted in perpetuity, provided Freeplay is accorded appropriate
screen credit..." etc etc

The above quote should be read in context, so please read the full terms
on the site to ensure you comply.

Now I'm on a roll..., there is always scope for the school to purchase a
number of commercial tracks for the purpose of assignment and project
completion. Or to collect a supply of legitimate royalty free tracks
from the internet and magazine CD's etc for use in class work - OK its
not Pearl Jam but at least its legal.
However I think the exercise of students searching, locating, reading
(yes actual reading) the terms of use at such sites as Freeplay is
invaluable - so they can understand the hurdles they will have to
overcome in industry. They can hunt for royalty free tracks as good as
we can (probably better given their tech savviness) - the results are

Final point, our students live in a world where they happily swap
illegal copies of DVD's, games, software etc without, in many cases,
knowing/caring that this is illegal - its become more than commonplace -
its rife! A condition of any submission here at the Gordon is whether
copyright requirements have been met. That includes images, code, sound,
software used etc. Copyright is a daily consideration for designers, yes
it's a minefield, all the more reason to tackle it now as a student -
lets reinforce good habits. What happens if a student enters industry
and on the first day he is asked to add an audio track to this Flash
intro for a clients website (a typical apprentice task), if she/he
doesn't know where to look or what the implications are then there could
be serious repercussions for individual, employer and client.

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now...

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wooopppsss... i knew this site would come up.

unfortunately, freeplaymusic is not a free site, not even for
educational purposes.  one of my special interest groups in video
editing inquired to the site owners and that was the response, it was
not free.

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>>> DeanPearman at caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au 03/02/06 5:16 PM >>>
this is a great site for royalty free samples for educational purposes.


cheers Dean

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