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If it is just for the 2D animation unit, then they do not need to produce
their own music, they can use music that has been produced by someone else.
I guess the only thing to keep in mind is copyright of the audio - they
would need to ensure that they had permission to copy the files and use
If you are integrating the "Insert audio into multimedia presentations" unit
into the 2D animation one, then it is my understanding that they need to be
able to demonstrate that they can produce, manipulate and mix audio files,
so just adding a song to an animation would not allow them to meet the
requirement for that unit. 
Allan Barnes.


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Hi all,

I was hoping someone could offer some clarification on sound files.
Can someone please inform me if students may use acquired sounds/songs
within their 2D animation task.
Are they permitted to utilize a known movie backing track?
Must all the sound they use be original work produced by them?

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