[vet-mm] Imac /flash problem

Zach Alexakos alexakos.zach.z at edumail.vic.gov.au
Thu Jun 1 14:58:42 EST 2006


We have Flash running here- no problems.  Programs are imaged to each 
Mac.  Can't see why you would have problems unless you have a 
different setup.

I would suggest, to start with, that you empty the user preference 
folder.  Simply open
Mac HD
Users Directory- eg: HAL0006

Select All for the Preferences folder and delete.
Log Out and then Log in again and try the Flash application.
If this doesn't work then I would say you have a setup issue either 
with the local machine or the server.

Zach Alexakos
Nth Geelong SC

At 09:40 AM 1/06/2006, you wrote:
>I  have recently had problems with the Flash running really slowly - 20
>seconds to open a menu item. The tech tells me it's a known problem and
>there's nothing he can do to fix it. something about hundreds of small
>files opening from the server???? Have suggested the program is on the
>local machine blah blah blah..... if there is anyone out there who uses
>flash on macs too i would appreciate any feed back.  I will get a more
>technical description asap.
>Also. wondering if others give graded marks for yr. 11 VET multimedia or
>just s/n????
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