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Jane Fischer jane.fischer at rmit.edu.au
Mon Jul 31 09:32:23 EST 2006

hi All,

I have also had similar problems with Adobe CS illustrator files, on Pc
with a novel Network.

It turned out that the Network interfered with Adobe's ability to
create Temp files. The only way we could fix it (this was last year) was
allow the students to save onto the hard drive of the computer and then
back up to the network after they have saved it.

cheers Jane 

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>>> claire <claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au> 30/07/2006 10:09 am >>>
Hi Marian,
We have had the same problem as Michelle describes ie when kids are 
running out of disk space, the file appears to save, but it hasn't - 
they look at the file size and it's "0", however they can sometimes
a thumbnail. However, as you say it doesn't explain the student that 
couldn't retrieve any of his psd's. We did experience a similar problem

with Illustrator CS when it was first installed. It was something to do

with permissions to create temp files on c drive - well I think it was

that?? My techie solved the problem so I will check with him tomorrow 
and let you know.
On the CS2 issue, I think that version has a few problems that CS1 
doesn't, I can recall reading about issues somewhere but not the 
details. My tech has also seen lots of complaints on his various tech 
forums. We haven't upgraded yet, although there are probably patches
fixes or a better build of v2 around. I'll try and get more details for

Stoney, Marian Sy wrote:

>Thanks Michelle,
>That would make sense in most cases I have encountered. It doesn't
fully explain the boy who couldn't open a number of files he'd saved
though - presumably at least the first few were fully saved? 
>I still have to update to CS2 - I have the licence - I wonder if that
might help...
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