[vet-mm] Actionscripting or Javascript?

Rob Swain RSwain at gordontafe.edu.au
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For what its worth I use Flash - there's a few reasons but the main one
is Flash's ubiquity on the web which makes it an essential tool in the
multimedia developers toolkit.
You asked about some good Director resources - in the past I have found
both of these useful...

Robotduck -  http://www.robotduck.com/learning/index.htm
DOUG - http://director-online.com/index.php

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Hi guys, What exactly is asked of the students in the Exam at the end of
the year. I personally think Lingo is out dated and I agree with Marian
that Director is old fashioned. It still has its place and Lingo is
probably a lot simpler than AS, but Flash does win the fight hands down.

I'm not a huge fan and I guess java could be covered in a IT cert or
something, but I myself have never touched on Java. I've found
ACTIONSCRIPT.org and FLASH KIT a great resource for Flash AS. Is there
one out there for Lingo anymore ? or how about Java ?


PS. A while ago I was talking to someone about a Job and they told me
that Director Lingo was a "must". Oh well....


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