[vet-mm] Cert III resources

Paul Sijpkes paul.sijpkes at aanet.com.au
Wed Jan 25 06:57:12 EST 2006

Thanks Glenn, Claire and Allan,

I'll have a good look at your resources and devise a weekly timetable..
I already have the answer CDs which are very handy to say the least. 
Thanks for your help!

Paul Sijpkes

Glenn Drew wrote:

> Like Paul Sijpkes, I am teaching Cert III for the first time, although 
> I have taught MM for some years and recently IP&M (Yr 12).
> What I have found useful, Paul and others, is a week-by-week 
> timetable. They are great for keeping the kids in the loop especially 
> when there are absences - teachers or students.
> Rather than re-invent the wheel, I found Allan Barnes' at edulists 
> which appears to follow Allans book - which will be purchased, but I 
> wonder if other Cert III teachers would be happy to share theirs.
> Glenn Drew
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