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hi Keith, 
when did you need the article by?
Cheers Jane
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>>> keithcr at fastmail.fm 24/04/2006 2:52 pm >>>

Hello everyone.

We would like to put together, for 3in6, a few real-life stories from
teacher's perspective along the following lines:

"Talking about what sort of learning curve teachers had to go on with
technology and their experiences of working with/watching kids produce
Possibly an informative and/or hair-raising/inspirational story to

We feel that these stories may help teachers identify with the
and what they might expect to happen if they take the plunge

Please send me your story by direct email to 3in6 at openlab.net.au
within the email or as a Word attachment.

Many thanks, Keith.
VITTA 3in6-2006 Coordinator

Keith Richardson
Leibler Yavneh College
Elsternwick Ph (03)9528 4911
keithcr at fastmail.fm

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