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hi, Jenean,
get him to come and have a look at Hawthorn Secondary College- strong arts & 
multimedia. new facilities just opened. The school will either suit him or 
he will not like it. But worth a look
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> Hi all
> I have a student who is moving out of home to Melbourne in a few months 
> time, to the Ashburton/Chadstone area. He is currently in Year 10 and he 
> is extremely talented in the area of Arts/Graphics (more so than 
> multimedia). He doesn't have a great support network in his life, so he 
> has asked me to advise him of any possible schools in that area that have 
> strong arts programs, as his hopes and dreams are to go on to University 
> from there.
> I want to help him, but I do not know Melbourne that well anyway, let 
> alone knowing details of that area. I would so appreciate it if people who 
> do know, could please give me a few names that I can pass on to him so 
> that he can at least speak to or email them.
> Thankyou
> Jeanean Pritchard
> Highview Christian Community College
> Maryborough
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