[vet-mm] CSS Critique Invited

Keith Richardson keithcr at fastmail.fm
Sat Dec 24 17:30:45 EST 2005

Please excuse cross posts.
I am building a new website using css, and would appreciate constructive
I want to communicate simply and cleanly, but with appeal. I have
experienced some trouble with the side menu particularly when viewed
with IE6.
This is the template page only, and once perfected will be the base for
the 13 others. Each will have a summary section plus content similar to
this one.
Temporary URL is:
This includes a single CSS file and one xhtml file plus a few supportive
image files.
Many thanks.
Keith Richardson
IPM List Moderator
Head of ICT, Leibler Yavneh College
Ph: 03.9528.4911
k.richardson at yavneh.vic.edu.au

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