[vet-mm] 3in6 August News

Keith Richardson keithcr at fastmail.fm
Sat Aug 20 16:26:59 EST 2005

Please forgive cross-listings.
I apologise for sending this to people who are not interested, but many
are and this is the only way we can reach them.
News Items are:
1/ Schools who are listed as officially interested in running the
VITTA-3in6 schools video competition this year should have received by
now their first official 3in6 email. Please reply immediately to this on
3in6 at openlab.net.au if you missed out.
2/ Statistics: we now have 93,000 hits, 34 schools and 4 sponsors
(VITTA, Sony, NewMagic, FolioMaker) and looking for more.
3/ Registration deadline approaching steadily - 17th October (just 10
days before 3in6 happens).
4/ Full details are available on website: http://3in6.openlab.net.au
5/ A number of hands-on PD sessions in video editing - both beginners
and advanced - will be available at the VITTA Annual Conference - see
program when it comes out.

Regards, Keith Richardson
VITTA-3in6-2005 Organizer

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