[vet-mm] Re: Sincere Apologies From Tootega -- from Kevork [Scanned]

VanZetten, Teresa VanZetten.Teresa at cathednet.wa.edu.au
Thu Apr 21 12:41:35 EST 2005

Thank you for those people who have made positve responses to this issue.  I believe as teachers we need to practice what we preach and follow good netequitte ourselves.
I emailed Ivy off the list as I wasn't sure how to repond on the list as I felt some responses did nto follow good netequitte.  Ivy seems to be an enthusistic educator, if I had someone like that within a couple of hundred km from where I lived, I would be embracing this resource; someone who is excited about ICT and wants to enthuse both teachers and students.
Thank you for those positve responses today!
Regards, Terri Van Zetten
ICT Teacher
St Mary's College
Broome Western Australia.
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