[vet-mm] Sincere Apologies From Tootega

Ivy Siew ivy at tootega.com.au
Wed Apr 20 21:14:42 EST 2005

Dear members, 


I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all those who have
expressed concern and may be offended by my previous email announcing my
organization.  It was never my intention to offend anyone and definitely not
my intention to cause any of the concerns which have been expressed by some
members of this group.  I completely understand all comments and concerns
made so far and therefore felt that it is my responsibility to send this
email to apologize.


My intention was genuine and was mainly intended to inform all of you of
this new organization.  I'm extremely passionate about this organization and
most importantly about creative use of technologies in schools.  I was
simply using this opportunity to inform all of you that my organization can
help teachers and is available to schools as an added resource that they can


I do understand that the discussion list is not an area for advertising and
I apologize to those members who felt that I crossed the line.  My incentive
to join this list was to learn and understand the types of discussions that
are ongoing and the challenges that teachers may be facing.  More recently,
I was simply observing all the emails of people writing recommendations for
trainers, therefore I thought, may be I'll just let everyone know about what
we do.  The last thing I wanted is to cause the credibility of this list to
be jeopardized.


Please accept my sincere apologies.  I will refrain from informing in this
format in the future.


I'll be glad to receive any comments or feedback that you may like to
express to me personally at ivy at tootega.com.au.  






Ivy Siew

Director / Education IT Integrator

Tootega Creative Learning

Tel: 03 9551 8653 / (Int) +61 3 9551 8653

Mob: 0416 110 738 / (Int) +61 416 110 738

Fax: 03 9551 2286

ABN 89 748 439 415

Visit our website at  <http://www.tootega.com.au> www.tootega.com.au


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