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In my experience of lists, there is very often ill-feeling about the use of a discussion list for commercial purposes. I assume from the content of the email that this "organisation" is in fact a business (it has an ABN), and thus I feel there is a valid concern raised. Who determines the "limit" for "infommercials" (only another word for advertisement ultimately!) There is a precident set once we allow what are in fact commercials onto the list. That is not to say that information about PD and any other assistance we can get is not useful! But I think as Rachelle suggested, the newsletter may be a better place for this type of advertisement. (And will help us raise some funds too.) I for one will desert a list quickly if it becomes another avenue for advertisers to attempt to sell me stuff, and this is a risk that we have to consider. 
My personal feeling is that we encourage those wanting to advertise their wares to buy some space in our newsletter, so we can keep the list focused on teachers helping other teachers. This is what I have found to be the focus and the most valuable part of our list. I take a whole lot more notice of another teacher's recommendation of a good PD session they have attended than an ad from the same company. 
I understand there is a limited range of resources for our subject and that is good to know they are being produced, but as I said before, disussion lists have a "culture" and I don't think advertisments in this form are appropriate for our list as it operates currently.
Just my 2 bobs worth.


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Hi Rachelle
I think that you will find that Kevork will defend Tootega's right to "limited" infomercials.
I see vendors as an integral part of the education community.  
Information pertaining to "new" services should not be shunned but welcomed in this "open, public" forum. 
As Ivy stated in her email, Tootega  "...was established to provide assistance to schools" and "Our organization has been formed to specifically assist teachers across all KLAs."
I can't see anything wrong with that.
Clarke Stevenson
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Hi Ivy,
I'm not the advertising police of our Multimedia Teacher's mailing list but I'd like to express my dislike of advertising through the list.  The list is not for this purpose which is explained to every user when they sign up.  If you wish to advertise to Multimedia Teachers then you need to mail to schools directly, or put advertisments in our association, PixelEd's newsletter or put up a display at functions.
I was very concerned about your stated intentions to continue to advertise through the list.  If you ever put another email on the list for advertising purposes I shall ask the web master of the lists to remove your access.
Offended multimedia teacher
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	Dear VET Multimedia Members,
	As a member of this mailing list, I'm thrilled to continuously receive emails and announcements.  It is also exciting for me to be part of a community that is extremely enthusiastic in the use of multimedia in the classroom.  After being part of this mailing list for a while, I just wanted to inform you of a recently established organization.  Let me introduce you to Tootega Creative Learning, an organization established to provide assistance to schools in the integration of technologies in the classroom.  As the founder of this organization, I've been fortunate to have worked with various schools in the past, and thanks to their feedback and suggestions, Tootega Creative Learning has been formed to do its best to cater to the needs of schools across Australia.  
	I would hope that by introducing this organization through this mailing list, I've provided you with an extra avenue to seek for assistance on any aspects of ICT in Education.  Our organization has been formed to specifically assist teachers across all KLAs.  We are always open to receive any feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve our services to suit educators across Australia.
	I've been working with schools for the past five years in various areas, and most recently showing teachers how to best incorporate Video Projects and Multimedia as small units of work in the classroom (All KLA).  Some of you may have attended my presentations at VITTA conference 2004 'Camera, Action, Cut!'.  I don't believe in using technologies for the sake of using it, but realize that to use it effectively, it can be time consuming to just learn about the tools.  Therefore, all the courses and materials have been designed such that staff will learn relevant skills efficiently and receive ideas on the most effective ways to apply use in the classroom.  
	We provide various different services ranging from Curriculum Development through to In-House Training for your teaching staff members.  If you would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to visit our website at www.tootega.com.au <http://www.tootega.com.au/> .  There are details of a SPECIAL OFFERING for members of this group further below this email.
	For your convenience, below are some examples of courses we provide.  We offer very affordable rates and also the flexibility for your school to set the schedule to suit your staff.  Any of the courses below can be customized further.  Our outlines are only set as general guides for you but NOT SET IN STONE!  We can make any changes to suit you!
	            Prices Range from $500 to $1000 per day with a maximum allowable number of 10 attendees (average of $50 to $100 per person per day)
Animation with Macromedia Flash 
*          Discover simple functionalities of flash 
*          Examples of activities which you can use in your classroom
*          Drawing tools
*          Concepts of animations
Camera, Action Cut! Video Editing using Pinnacle Studio 
*          Using video as learning tools 
*          Discovering video editing skills
*          Tips on planning and filming
*          Storyboarding
Student Digital Portfolios with Microsoft FrontPage 
*          Developing Templates for your students
*          Tips on Planning and Assessments
*          Using FrontPage to create the Portfolio
*          How to make it Live on the World Wide Web
*          Tips on Design and Layouts
*          Suggestions on Contents
Student Digital Portfolios with Macromedia Dreamweaver
*          Developing Templates for your students
*          Tips on Planning and Assessments
*          Using FrontPage to create the Portfolio
*          How to make it Live on the World Wide Web
*          Tips on Design and Layouts
*          Suggestions on Contents
Creating Interactive Worksheets with Microsoft Word
*          Discover Word Tools and functionalities
*          Discover activities which you can use in your classroom
*          Transforming paper teaching materials to electronic format
Creating Interactive Worksheets with Microsoft Excel
*          Discover Excel Tools and functionalities
*          Discover activities which you can use in your classroom
*          Transforming paper teaching materials to electronic format
Creating Interactive Worksheets with Microsoft Power Point
*          Discover Power Point Tools and functionalities
*          Discover activities which you can use in your classroom
*          Creating Interactive and Animated Presentations
Getting to know your Windows Environment (95 to XP)
*          Learning the ins and outs of Windows
*          Cleaning your Windows 
*          Changing Display and colors
*          Changing screen resolutions
*          Dos and Don'ts 
Magic Tricks with Photos using Paint Shop Pro 8
*          Enhancing digital photos
*          Importing digital photos from scanner, camera, etc.
*          Exporting digital photos to internet or email
*          Discover activities to be used in the classrooms
*          Using tools to fix imperfections
*          Learn about resolutions, pixels and colors
Organizing your Files and Folders in Windows Environment (95 to XP)
*          House Keeping of files
*          How to best organize your classroom folders
*          Learning how to use Windows Explorer to its full potential
*          Changing view options in Windows Explorer
*          File extensions - What do they mean
*          How to best optimize your Hard drive
*          Difference between recoverable deleted files and unrecoverable deleted files
	Special Offering!
	I strongly believe that teachers often need extra time after a PD session to learn of ways they can apply their skills in their classroom.  To encourage schools to release staff for further development, I would like to offer your school the following:
	Receive an additional free 2-hour session with any full day In-house PD booking made with Tootega Creative Learning! 
	Your staff will have the opportunity to utilize this free time to develop materials and generate ideas on best practices using the tools they've just learned with our help.  We are happy to travel to your school at a time set by the school.  More importantly, it is FREE!  If you would like to receive pricing information for any of the courses above, please email us at info at tootega.com.au with indication of courses and time you're interested.  Also, please don't forget to include your contact details.
	I would also like to request for the opportunity to visit you and your school.  I am always excited to learn more about different schools and discover creative ways that ICT is being incorporated in the classrooms.  I'm also happy to offer any suggestions and further discussions on how we can assist your school.  Please don't hesitate to email me to set up a suitable time for a FREE visit.
	Thanks again for your patience and time to read this email.  I look forward to many more announcements and ideas through this group.  
	Visit our website at www.tootega.com.au <http://www.tootega.com.au/> 
	today for information and upcoming events
	Ivy Siew
	Director / Education IT Integrator
	Tootega Creative Learning
	Tel: 03 9551 8653 / (Int) +61 3 9551 8653
	Mob: 0416 110 738 / (Int) +61 416 110 738
	Fax: 03 9551 2286
	ABN 89 748 439 415
	Visit our website at www.tootega.com.au <http://www.tootega.com.au> 

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