[Philosophy] and so it starts again...

Richard O'Donovan rodonovan at fhs.vic.edu.au
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G'day Jeff - good to hear from you again!  Caught lots of waves in Wye River - great spot.  You?
With my MS class (Movies, Mind & Meaning) I'm starting them off with an episode from the Simpsons (thanks to the inspirational Mr Mankowski) - Whacking Day from Season 4 where they chase & beat snakes.  The plan is to see if I can then get them to respond to something fairly familiar in a less familiar way and consider the issues around the treatment of the animals and the environment more generally, then I'm going to hit them with Independence Day where the Aliens effectively turn humans into the snakes.  Hopefully they'll be able to draw the lines with a little gentle persuasion/coaxing.  Sound hare brained to you??  Well, it's supposed to be a nice easy start to philosophical analysis, so hopefully it will work out reasonably well.  Any ideas etc. VERY gratefully received.
On the Yr 11 front, I didn't have a class last year (only Yr 12) - if anyone is feeling particularly compassionate they might like to add some fresh resources to the VCE Philosophy Website (http://www.fhs.vic.edu.au/Philosophy) by emailing them to me (rodonovan at fhs.vic.edu.au) - and of course I'd be eternally grateful for the assistance too!
Last year Yr 12 was nice and exhausting - mixed results - but I've got another class this year, none with any Philosophy experience this time, so I'm looking forward to that little adventure.  Once again if anyone is feeling excited please feel free to share - I'm hoping to load a few of my own things to the website over the next few days.
Well, glad to see you're out there Jeff, chat to you later.


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Hi Richard,
Good to hear from you. It's hard going back to do it all again. We've got
three year 10 classes starting this year. if you've got any good materials
or ideas for this year level, especially activities, let me know. Have a
good summer? catch any waves?
Jeff Kinsman.
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> Greetings fellow Wisdom Lovers (although I think I'm gradually becoming a
Sophiaphobe instead...),
> Well, I have now officially bitten off more than I can chew.  This year
I've got a MS unit introducing philosophical concepts (and a blatant
recruiting exercise for Yr 11), plus Units 1, 2, 3 & 4.
> This list has been a tad quiet of late, so I thought I'd kick it off
afresh this year.  I've even added a new member without permission (sorry
about that Ian, but I thought this might be a good resource for you) - call
me desperate.
> So, is there anybody out there?  Just nod if you can hear me... is there
anyone home?
> Richard
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