[Philosophy] and so it starts again...

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I have two 12 groups and one 11. The MS group is full at 25 and mid year a new class picks up the elective. This is helpful to the health of Philosophy, and I am mostly in focus with the younger thinkers, they are taking up most time!. I have

	set up a community of inquiry in space. Full circle approach. Listening with care etc.
	first few weeks using the Consolations of Philosophy for the elevator music and introductory aspect to get the kids talking about what matters to them. What other media material could I use as the intro?
	Introducted idea of Big Ideas, Big Questions: hope to adapt some of Clinton Golding's work.
	Generally aiming to establish prior knowledge of philosophical concepts: ie fairness and justice
	Stidents have made happiness posters, engaged in whole class discussion, small group discussion, gone home with the question: Why do you live the life you live? to a connected adult, established their writing philosophy journals and they have responded to different types of questions: to a varying degree of success. They generally have a good approach to Philosophy and look forward to the classes.

To meet the VELS requirements I am prioritising thinking skills, and I have designed assessment to include an essay, a small group inquiry/presentation, philosophy writing and a debate. The oral component of language development is prioritised. Now I just need to make sure the Big concepts are relevant. 

*	Happiness
*	Self Confidence
*	Anger
*	etc

 What concepts are you exploring with your group? 



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Love to!


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I am also teaching a MS Unit for the first time of a similar nature. Wanna share ideas?
Clare McKay


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Greetings fellow Wisdom Lovers (although I think I'm gradually becoming a Sophiaphobe instead...),

Well, I have now officially bitten off more than I can chew.  This year I've got a MS unit introducing philosophical concepts (and a blatant recruiting exercise for Yr 11), plus Units 1, 2, 3 & 4. 

This list has been a tad quiet of late, so I thought I'd kick it off afresh this year.  I've even added a new member without permission (sorry about that Ian, but I thought this might be a good resource for you) - call me desperate.

So, is there anybody out there?  Just nod if you can hear me... is there anyone home?


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