[Philosophy] Course Review

Greyruin greyruin at gdurkin.com
Tue Feb 21 23:09:11 EST 2006

I do agree, Richard. The King is great - but irrelevant, and I have to 
confess that the Murdoch just seems murky. Right, let's get back to 
practising philosophy, not just memorising stuff. I know, it hurts the kids 
who can only memorise, but, then, I've always felt uncomfortable about 
tennis. Seems that all that attention to ball skills and being able to belt 
the jolly thing back at 250 m per second, or whatever, basically 
inconvenienced us skinny intellectual dudes with thin wrists and spaghetti 

The Turing is good - but leave out the objections, right. My kids thought 
that was pointless. I'm not sure about dumping Aristotle altogether, though. 
We could look at his logic, perhaps. Yes, on Kuhn. Find something more 
closely connected with Popper. That's a bit strained at the moment. How long 
do we have to make a plea?


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