[Philosophy] I Hope It Might Start

Greyruin greyruin at gdurkin.com
Wed Feb 1 07:40:53 EST 2006

Oi, wut th' F!!! is he on about?
I dunno, some old Greek dude.
Wut, you mean like some wog? Is this a class about wogs?
Yeah - dude's name is Soccer Team . . . ha, ha, Wog Soccer Team!
(A piercing cackle is followed by a High-five Mexican Wave across the third 
row. I promise, I did not make this up - this is an actual exchange from my 
first lesson with Philo 1. )

"None with any Philosophy experience", eh? Hmmm. Some of mine don't appear 
to have had any education experience.

One of our staff submitted a link to the College Intranet citing: 
"Antarctica, Forzen Continebt at the South Ploe" OK, anybody can make a 
typing error, but most of us remove them during porff rooding.

Hoo, boy! Eager to start this fresh year? And, still, it looks like it could 
be a very good year.

Greg Durkin
Traralgon College 

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