[Philosophy] An evaluation request or a favour --- from the Administrator

Kevork Krozian Kroset at novell1.fhc.vic.edu.au
Fri Mar 25 10:45:02 EST 2005

 Hi Folks,

    Please excuse the cross posts

     Once every few years I need to justify the value of these lists and associated web sites to various people ......

    Therefore I would ask you to please drop me a line to k.krozian at fhc.vic.edu.au that describes what you have gained from the mailing lists this year or the last few years and how much it has helped your teaching and professional development.  I intend to store these in a file as a reference and as evidence that what we have is truly unique, powerful and fantastic.  It is also important to identify yourself and your school in the email please.

     I will briefly describe why these lists started from my personal experience :

The Forest Hill Mailing Lists were created in 1996 by Kevork Krozian. The genesis of the lists was the frustrations experienced by Kevork in attempting to deliver a new area of IT on his own.

The service provided is both a mailing list community organised by subject and a 2 part web site for each subject with one part public , the other password protected for sharing sample exams, tasks, projects, SACs etc. As at December 2003, there are a total of 32 mailing lists and approximately 2000 subscribers.

Whilst the lists began to serve IT subjects initially ( IT Systems, IPM, Year 11 IT, Year 7 -10 IT, VET IT , VET Multimedia , Cisco , Aries, Primary IT  ) they now cover other areas such as Physical Education, Philosophy, LOTE, Psychology, Health Education, Technical Support for schools , Mathematics and Chemistry and technology.
The lists are open to all stakeholders in education from Victorian teachers to University lecturers, government as well as private school individuals, VCAA and DET officers. There is also evidence of the presence of interstate and overseas teachers. VCAA officers often use the lists to communicate important announcements or to clarify points in the study designs.

The resources required for the lists and the web sites include the internet connection download and upload costs, use of servers ( hardware and software ) and Kevork's time to troubleshoot, maintain and moderate the lists when there are violations of netiquette or any other problems such as technical ones like mail loops. Kevork also maintains the resources sent by teachers by posting them to the appropriate web sites and securing the necessary sections for teachers. He processes teacher requests for passwords and troubleshoots difficulties experienced by users. He has sent out approximately 1100 replies to password requests by teachers.
As an IPM , IT Systems, VET IT and Cisco teacher Kevork can share in the experiences , joys and frustrations of subscribers on these lists.

Looking forward to your replies

With best wishes

Kevork Krozian
IT Manager , Forest Hill College
Mailing List(s) Creator and Administrator
k.krozian at fhc.vic.edu.au
Mobile: 0419 356 034

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