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Well it looks like there'll be a few of us there at least!  Has anyone received a program yet for what's on when?  I have to pick my two days carefully - although my main motiviation is the curriculum swapping opportunities!  It's been great being able to dip into Lyn's et al. Yr 11 stuff this year when I've found myself in a last minute pickle.  I've got a few assingments and powerpoint presentations to contribute this time around, and I'll put everything I collect onto the website after the PD (assuming contributors are happy to have their work posted).  So I'm hoping to see lots of laptops at LaTrobe!!  

I'm going to try a few multiple choice questions on my exam - if only for a touch of marking sanity - along with short answers and one longer piece.  

Incidentally, would anyone be interested in collaborating on writing philosophy curriculla based on certain movies?  My kids responded quite well to Bicentennial Man & some other odds and ends (Penn & Teller's BullSh!t, John Saffron vs. God etc.) - but having the time (and energy) to construct thorough mini-units around them has been problematic for me, and I don't know that I'm putting my efforts into the best materials available; so if anyone would be interested in sharing the load of tying such things into the VCE curriculum let me know.


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hi everyone 
i am going to do the yr. 12 course this year as well
i have my yr 11 exam on the 12 nov and am busily writing that now. as soon as it is finished i will post it on this email chain. would be pleased to see any others that are available
i am looking at short answer qs. along with an essay on morals ethics lines.
regards andrew
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