[Philosophy] Richard's question about using Ross Philips' CD

Rodney Latham RLatham at heathdale.vic.edu.au
Fri Mar 25 10:20:03 EST 2005

G'day Richard and all,
So far, I have been focusing / focussing (depending on your preference) on the logic structure more so than ethics.  I will pick up with the ethical issues somewhat later.  
The students raised some of the ethical concerns during our discussion, but, usually, I responded quite briefly, then set them aside for later consideration.
I have been especially highlighting the need to clarify assumptions and/or presuppositions.  I have also begun to introduce some formal logical ideas such as universal propositions, negative or affirmative, and the like.  This is providing the students with a philosophical nomenclature.
I must be off for now (although students regularly think that I am off!).
Happy thinking all!
Rodney Latham


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