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GreyRuin greyruin at gdurkin.com
Fri Mar 25 10:20:03 EST 2005

Thanks for the Trolley, Kaz. It will be useful both as an exercise in
applied ethics and to clarify the way in which the term "dilemma" was
misused by a student last week.

I have put my "cut and paste" comparison of ethics into a single Word Doc,
which I have attached for Richard and any others who are interested. This
material comes from a website called "The Radical Academy" -
http://radicalacademy.com/philclassicindex.htm which has huge amounts of
general text and background material suitable for readings.The list on their
home page is impressive: http://radicalacademy.com/homepage.htm

Time for me to feed the children, goats, dogs and ante up for the next hand.


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