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Hi everyone.
I like the fireplace aphorism Greg!  I don't suppose you have a handout or any such thing with your historical comparisons... ;-)  I'm on the scrounge for whatever I can get and post!!  
Jean, I've got a copy of both Philosophy Files and Philosophy Gym - the Files comes across as pretty heavily dumbed down, which I doubt will wash well with my 11's, and much of it is repeated (in a more palatable form) in the Gym book.  I've just used the Utilitarian chapter as the basis for some notes (containing a few scenarios about conjoint twins etc.) that I just gave to my class.  Once I've finished typing them up I'll post them on the website in case they may be of use to anyone else (www.fhs.vic.edu.au/philosophy).
What sort of activities (if any) are you using with your logic stuff Emmanuel?


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I am also new to Philosophy after 20 years in IT and Science. I like the
ethics question on hamburger vs brain-dead children. I have swanned in at
the historical endby comparing the ethical systems of Socrates, Plato and
Arisotle. They are doing their first journal question on the difference
between morality, ethics and law, after a fairly one-sided classroom
discussion. (My most regular contributors to discussion are a Seventh Day
Adventist who is looking for reasons to leave the church and a
self-confessed Warlock who firmly believes that Druids knew it all.) Looks
like an interesting change from "hard" science and engineering. We might
even have fun here.

Like any newbie, though, I will need some serious ideas on how to keep the
fire burning without setting the mantlepiece alight.


Greg Durkin

Hi all,
Good to hear from some of you. I've started unit 1 with my class with logic and reasoning skills. It's a little bit of downer from the expectations they were imagining. But we are getting through the work without too much fuss with lots of exercises on letters to the editor and group self assessment and discussion.

 Voices at last!! Like you Richard I started in a fairly conservative manner. Went through a bit of Creel's book explaining the interconnectedness of the 3 philosophies, followed by the CD sheet. Now starting on Meaning and Definition & then about to launch into Descartes - which is thier first journal article. 

I am having difficulty getting the book Philosopher's Gym which I am sure is going to revolutionize my teaching. Any clues?


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