[Philosophy] Re: It starts...

GreyRuin greyruin at gdurkin.com
Fri Mar 25 10:20:02 EST 2005

I am also new to Philosophy after 20 years in IT and Science. I like the
ethics question on hamburger vs brain-dead children. I have swanned in at
the historical endby comparing the ethical systems of Socrates, Plato and
Arisotle. They are doing their first journal question on the difference
between morality, ethics and law, after a fairly one-sided classroom
discussion. (My most regular contributors to discussion are a Seventh Day
Adventist who is looking for reasons to leave the church and a
self-confessed Warlock who firmly believes that Druids knew it all.) Looks
like an interesting change from "hard" science and engineering. We might
even have fun here.

Like any newbie, though, I will need some serious ideas on how to keep the
fire burning without setting the mantlepiece alight.


Greg Durkin

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