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Phewww!!!  I was starting to think I was a lone voice in the void for a minute there....!!
Care to elaborate on the skills your kids are using?  I've just started to talk about the formal deductive structure after running with Ross Philips' CD stories.  The kids started to flag after the first period (it was a double) and so I abandoned going through all of the rankings, but I think I got enough out of it in terms of getting the kids to think about ethics in a slightly more sophisticated manner... I think.
Are you focussing more on logic at this stage Rodney, or are you looking at ethics too... or something else!??!
I think a little inane prattle might encourage some other more experienced folk out there to chip in with their tried and true methods  :-)


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Hello to everyone out there in the ether, 
Yes, Yr. 11 Philosophy has begun for 2004 in my school and already the students are using their natural (but now formally exercised) skills on other teachers.  This will prove exciting.

I do not have any clever ideas to submit, but maybe soon (I mean, you never know, I might actually have one....:) 
Thanks for the list.  I am quite grateful for its existence (well, I think it exists...) 


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