[Offtopic] Request re DVD storage on school network

Kevork Krozian K.Krozian at fhc.vic.edu.au
Wed Oct 21 14:57:36 EST 2009

Hi Folks,

 A  question on video streaming solutions schools may have adopted if I may.

 Just wondering if anyone has any advice on the legality of placing a DVD ( movies, documentaries etc ) on the school network to make available for students to view when they wish to .
 Do we have a legal problem in that this is deemed copying ? What is the difference between viewing the movie on a computer screen through the DVD drive or through a network hard drive ?
 If so what solutions have schools used to make DVDs available through the normal school network ?
 Any strengths/weaknesses of particular products or pricing would be welcome.

Best Wishes

Kevork Krozian
Digital Learning Manager
Forest Hill College
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