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ACMA media release: 13 July  www.acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD..PC/pc=PC_311800

New Cybersmart website provides gateway to online safety resources 

Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the 
Digital Economy, today launched the Australian Communications and Media 
Authority’s new Cybersmart website .. an important initiative under the 
Australian Government’s Cybersmart education program. 

www.Cybersmart.gov.au represents an Australian 'first' in cybersafety 
education, that includes a Schools Gateway, as well as a single access 
point for cybersafety advice across a range of target audiences—children, 
parents, libraries and schools. 

The Minister joined the Acting Chairman of the ACMA, Chris Cheah, and 
teachers and students at the Beth Rivkah Ladies College, East St Kilda to 
officially launch the new website. 

'"Cybersmart" is about empowering Australian children and young people to 
be smart online and to become good digital citizens,' said Mr Cheah. 

'Understanding how to navigate the online world safely is an important 
element in the development of digital literacy. By providing teachers and 
parents with clear, current and credible information about cybersafety, 
we assist them to develop in young people, the critical skills needed to 
stay safe online and get the most from their online encounters.'

The construction of www.Cybersmart.gov.au was informed by the ACMA 
commissioned research – Click and Connect – to focus content on the 
cybersafety concerns, messages and advice most relevant across a range of 
target audiences. The site includes comprehensive and practical advice 
for parents, interactive learning activities for children and information 
about safe social networking for teens. 

The Cybersmart Schools Gateway offers a wide range of resources for 
teachers, including guides to assist schools address cybersafety issues, 
information about how children and young people of different ages engage 
with online technologies, extensive teaching resources and links to 
education department guidelines. The gateway also offers online booking 
for the ACMA’s free and accredited professional development program for 
educators – Cybersafety Outreach. 

'The ACMA’s Cybersafety Outreach program is a key element in our 
cybersafety education initiatives. The demand for the program within the 
education community is strong—with over 1350 educators accredited since 
February 2009—and the sessions, including today’s at the Beth Rivkah 
Ladies College, have been warmly received in schools nationally,' said Mr 

www.Cybersmart.gov.au also includes an online helpline for young people 
who have had negative experiences online, such as cyberbullying. 

The helpline offers confidential advice and support from counsellors who 
are trained in listening to children and have expertise in cybersafety. 

Media contact: Donald Robertson, Media Manager on 02 9334 7980. 

The ACMA’s cybersafety initiatives 

The ACMA provides a comprehensive national program of cybersafety 
initiatives as part of the Australian Government’s cybersafety policy. 

The ACMA’s program includes researching current trends in cybersafety, 
undertaking targeted information and awareness-raising campaigns and 
activities, and developing cybersafety education materials for use in 

In addition to the activities listed above other initiatives include: 

* Undertaking targeted information and awareness-raising campaigns and 
activities, such as Safer Internet Day 

* Developing cybersafety education materials for use in schools and at 
home. These programs are designed for children from 5 -15 years and 
include CyberQuoll, CyberNetrix, Cybersmart Detectives and Wise up to IT 

* The Cybersafety Outreach program of Professional Development for 
Educators and general awareness presentations for parents, teachers and 

* Researching current trends in cybersafety and young people’s use of 
online media 

* The Cybersafety Contact Centre offering callers information and advice 
about internet safety issues and concerns. Telephone 1800 880 176 

* A complaints hotline for members of the public to report offensive 
internet material. Visit: www.acma.gov.au/hotline.


Cheers, Tony
Stephen Loosley
Member, Victorian
Institite of Teaching

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