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> From:   Tom Worthington <Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au> 
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> Subject:  Learning to lower costs and carbon emissions with ICT 

Here is the outline of my presentation on 
to lower costs and carbon emissions with ICT" for the 
<http://www.computersoff.org/display.asp?id=142>Computers Off 
Australia - Green IT breakfast briefing, Canberra, 20 January 2009 
<http://www.computersoff.org/display.asp?id=142>. All are welcome for 
the event and you get a free breakfast. :-)

     First global Green ICT Course

         * 13 Week E-learning course
         * Sponsored by the Australian Computer Society
         * Part of the Computer Professional Education Program (first 
           globally accredited.)
         * Masters-level with university articulation

     Green ICT Students learn how to:

         * Estimate the carbon footprint of the ICT operations of an 
         * Assess ways to reduce the carbon footprint of an 
           organisation, by changes to polices for procurement of ICT,
           changes to the ICT operations and revising business processes.

     Business ICT Competencies

         * Strategy & planning
               o Technical strategy and planning
               o Business/IS strategy and planning
         * Procurement & management support
               o Supply management
                     + Procurement
               o Quality management
                     + Compliance audit

     Learning by Doing

     Two areas of assessment:

        1. Assignments
              1. Write a report on the carbon footprint of the ICT 
                 operations of your organisation
              2. Write a report identify ways to reduce the carbon 
                 footprint of your organisation
        2. Contributions to the discussion forums

     Some Green ICT Topics

        1. Understanding climate science
        2. The Global ICT Footprint
        3. Enabling ICT: Dematerialisation, smart motor systems, 
           logistics, buildings and grids
        4. Energy saving - Data Centres and Client Equipment
        5. Procurement
        6. Compliance audit

     Online References Used

        1. The Engineering Sustainable Solutions Program, Sustainable 
           IT Lecture Series, Natural Edge Project, 2008
        2. The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool 
           (EPEAT), Green Electronics Council. GEC 2006.
        3. Energy Star Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
           and the U.S. Department of Energy, 2007
        4. The Personal Computer and Monitors Energy Efficiency 
Strategy, Tom Worthington, Report and Recommended Plan of Action, 
prepared for the Department of Environment, Heritage and the Arts, 
Version 1.0, 23 September 2008.

     More Information

         * ACS Green ICT Course
         * Green ICT Course Content
         * ACS Policy Statement on Green ICT, 16 August 2007
         * Audit of Carbon Emissions resulting from ICT usage by 
           Australian Business, ACS, 16 August 2007
         * ACS Green ICT Group
         * Tom Worthington
         * This document is available at: 


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Cheers people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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