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Hi all,

Just by the way .. you can plug *anything* with a head-phone socket into
your computer and make perfectly splendid digital recordings of your own

MP3 player, radio, TV, phone, record player, CD player and voice recorder
(etc, anything with a headphone socket) they all plug in to your computer
via the audio-line-in socket and are very willing to fill your hard drive

> Research claims, 'copyright laws.. will be unenforceable by 2010 ..'
>  http://www.tribler.org/trac/wiki/PiratesSamaritans
> .. tons of cassette-tape music etc .. always been able to plug the
> headphone socket of their cassette players into their computer's
> audio-line-in socket, and re-record those tapes in digital format

For 'some' of the above source material it's APRA regarding any copyright


> Now there's a machine to do it for you: www.alesis.com/tapelinkusb
> 'The new Alesis TapeLink is a dual cassette deck with a U.S.B. plug. 
> You connect to a computer, play a tape, and the included software
> cleans and categorizes the audio automatically. It outputs the audio
> at CD quality, (although the audio coming off the tapes might be at
> lower quality) and includes noise-reduction systems to ensure a clean
> transfer .. The deck works with Macs and PCs and has software that will
> clean up the audio.'
> One imagines millions of people have billions of songs (etc) on cassette
> tape, very ready to share. And if you do, how would u pay the copyright?
> I would not know, and i'm guessing not many do know, and care even less.
> So really, what chance is there that our existing copyright laws remain?
> Cheers people
> Stephen Loosley
> Victoria, Australia

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