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Hi all,

Everyone aware that www.myschool.edu.au will open on the 28th Jan 2010?

Personally, i would also like data regarding graduate destinations, ICT 
ratios, co-curricular (eg clubs) availability, perhaps average fees per
Year Level, and certainly staff turn-over regards potential enrollments.

This site is sure to be a talking point on the first day back next year!

 http://www.myschool.edu.au  (and)

"An introduction to ACARA information sessions on the My School website 
and the release of the draft Australian curriculum, which will be held in 
all states and territories during February and March 2010"

My School  F A C T   S H E E T   December 2009

The My School website provides profles of almost 10,000 Australian
schools that can be searched by the school’s location, sector, or name. 

The website provides statistical and contextual information, as well as
NAPLAN (www.naplan.edu.au) results that can be compared with those of
statistically similar schools across Australia.

The information will be published on 28th January 2010.

Each school will have a profle page which will include:

•  a short description of the school
•  number of students
•  number of teachers
•  attendance rates
•  senior secondary school outcomes
•  school-level data about students’ backgrounds
•  school Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) value
•  a link to the school’s website and, where appropriate, a link to the
   school’s governing body
•  school NAPLAN results compared with the national average and the
   average results of statistically similar schools.

Other pages will show:

•  the percentage of students achieving at each band on NAPLAN tests
   compared with the percentage of students at that band nationally and
   in statistically similar schools
•  school results on NAPLAN compared with the results of up to 60
   statistically similar schools
•  a list of up to 20 schools located nearest to the school selected

My School will enable you to:

•  access a snapshot of a school using nationally consistent indicators
•  compare the performance of a school with that of the average
   performance of all schools in Australia and that of statistically
   similar schools across Australia
•  search for schools nearby to the school displayed, with hyperlinks to
   the profle page of that school
•  identify and learn about high-performing schools.

For the latest news visit  myschool.edu.au
Australian Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting Authority (ACARA) (7 Dec 09)


Cheers people
Stephen Loosley
Member, Victorian
Institute of

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