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Thanks Rob .. catchy song. I wonder what we will be singing in the
naughties. The singers with the KISS makeup brought back memories. I would
catch the 'train' to St Kilda to swim at the beach and race home on Sunday
to catch Count Down on the TV. My friend was lucky ... he had a BW TV in his
fibro cement bungalo.

I guess I was also lucky .. one of the first to do the VCE (although back
then they just changed the name .. under the covers it was still ye old
HSC!) .. watching Star Wars at the movies too many times .. rattling off
trivia as I stood in the queue such as "Did you know that John Dykstra used
a PDP-11 computer to do the special effects". The only way a school could
then get a computer back then was to visit Radio Shack .. and soon
afterwards, collect safeway receipts to buy bits of an Apple ][e

Yep .. Dr Bernard Holker really broke some ground with the keynote
presentation at ACEC2000, I still have the Real Media Player file that I
recorded from the streaming webcast. Must toss it up onto the creative
commons :-)

Regards Roland

2009/12/15 Costello, Rob R <Costello.Rob.R at edumail.vic.gov.au>

>  what an interesting post Roland
> reminds me of a song when another decade was starting
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbE8KWIFnD4
> appropriately named, The Monitors  - no doubt a subliminal msg about the
> rise of technology in there
> a deep and powerful song, that has lived with me since
> i had no idea that a speaker at ACEC invented social networking on the
> internet
> who would imagine that 'sharing messages with small text boxes to connect
> people' would lead to Facebook and Twitter
> unfortunately i wasn't at the event so i didn't get the DNA injection that
> makes me get up and dance when this is mentioned
> maybe if we recorded a remix  'what will be texting in the teenies' it
> might not be too late?
> (when quoting that brilliant idea, please avoid changing it to 'what will
> be texting to the teenies' since it will create legal complications, unless
> we add the refrain, 'its for learning, e-learning' which doesn't quite
> rhyme)
> five years after that classic song hit the airwaves, i did HSC (yes HSC) in
> Vic ...
> i found myself reflecting last night on what maths teachers have lost in
> the usage of technology since since then... i can't helping thinking we did
> better, in some ways, in that discipline, when the computer ratio was 1:20
> (http://thinkingcurriculum.decenturl.com/mathswars5 )
> i see now, of course, that i am like the guy in the wheel chair in the
> clip, dreaming of a past that is better abandoned to kids in Kiss costumes -
> they are the future!!!
> (excepting the fact that at the time i was 11 and i thought it was
> ridiculous even then  ... but no doubt i just suffered historically
> displaced geek delusions that IT looked interesting; and stuck in the 80s i
> couldn't know that it was twitter that i was really waiting for ... passing
> notes around the room would go electronic and world wide!!)
> (now back to work : encoding maths questions and interactive approaches
> into technology - roll in the wheelchair. i'm on the leave from the dept,
> and while you overworked teachers enjoy a break, we burn midnight oil (more
> subliminal messages from that band too - Peter Garret was really commenting
> on the online anytime nature of future work)
> cheers
> Rob
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> Subject: [Yr7-10it] Weaving stories for 2010 and beyond
>  Apologies for the cross posted and duplicate messages.
> Our decade is drawing to a close .. I had so dreamed that by now we would
> fix the planetary climate control system and make inroads to poverty . was
> it wrong for me to hold these dreams of a united vision?
> I am a member of a conference team made up of talented IT educators from
> primary, secondary and tertiary sectors .. some from the country, some live
> in the city .. just like you all They all share the vision of doing
> something 'wow' that brings together friends from around Australia. As I
> get
> to know them and like other teams I have worked with, I am increasingly
> impressed by their passion for making this event work and now share their
> dream. I frown at anybody that is too quick to pour scorn, quarantine and
> isolate their hard work or just belittles the efforts they put in. Anybody
> who volunteers to work for a subject association gets my thumbs up. Read my
> tag line below .. it is people that matter.
> At the Melbourne ACEC2000 conference,10 years ago, Dr Bernard Holkner spoke
> as a keynote about an idea and story about sharing messages with small text
> boxes to connect people. With groups pumping money into multi-media
> upgrades. It was our burning questions discussions around this topic poured
> the foundation for the social networking that has since, revolutionised the
> Internet and our thinking about how it can be used in our professional
> lifes
> and teaching / learning practice. I have been going over the past notes I
> scribbled on papers presented by Tim Kitchener and Paul Chandler that
> helped
> to focus my thinking about what I was doing. Things I learned at NECC2008
> from the study tour that I attended with Jo, Jill and Renee, I am still
> kicking around in my blog.
> What role will you play to help help us weave together new stories beyond
> 2009? What will you take from and where will you be in 10 years time? What
> dreams will you share with the next generation of educators?
> I look forward to meeting up with many of you at http://www.acec2010.infoin
> Melbourne next year and to everybody, have a safe, Merry Christmas and a
> happy summer solstice.
> Regards Roland
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Roland Gesthuizen - ICT Coordinator - Westall Secondary College

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead
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